About Us

What we do

Have you ever noticed that almost everything you purchase these days requires some form of assembly? 

Some things are very simple. They are pretty much assembled, you just have to screw on a couple of handles or maybe some wheels and you're set... but other stuff... you almost need to be an engineer just to get it out of the box without damaging it.

And then you have the frustration of trying to decipher the instructions, if it even came with any... then you have the master builder who doesn't need them, but starts blowing his stack and cursing the world because the manufacturer of the product is a sadomasochistic out to watch the world burn in torment and frustration... 

That's where we come in. With over 10 years experience assembling everything from coffee tables to garden sheds and bunk beds to swing sets, we haven't found much we can't decipher and assemble. We can even help out if there are no instructions... because who needs instructions, am I right... 

OK we still use the instructions. But we do assemble everything without all the swearing, cursing, tears and tantrums...

Perth Flatpack Assembly... We'll save you.

(we're cheaper than relationship counseling)

How we started

 In a past life the boss was a manager for a large furniture retailer. He was often asked if he knew of anyone who assembled the products, and who would remove all of the packaging. When he left that job for greener pastures, he decided to buy a van and start offering out his knowledge and skills at assembling furniture and other flat packed items. Now, we assemble everything and anything.